Highly educated graduates

Ireland has a highly educated population that supports employment in knowledge-intensive and high-technology sectors. Skilled graduates fuels Ireland’s talent pipeline in science and technology, while educators collaborate with industry to provide the skills needed in the future.

62.3% of Irish people aged 23-34 have completed third-level education
Highest level of STEM graduates per capita in EU among 20-29 year-olds

Open to international talent

Serve multiple markets from Ireland with a skilled workforce recruited from diverse multilingual talent already living here or, via our EU membership, access a labour force of 250 million people. More than 70% of people moving to Ireland have a third level education.

19% of total people employed in Ireland in 2022 are non-Irish
6th highest international share of workforce in the EU in 2022

Education aligned with industry

Our education system works closely with industry to design programmes tailored to the skills needs of today’s fast-evolving workplace. From degrees and diplomas to modular short courses and microcredentials, supported by Government investment, there’s a solution for your business needs.

9 of the top10 US technology and software companies are in Ireland
Industry-focused research centres offer talent and collaboration opportunities

Nurturing a diverse workforce

As an open society, we’re committed to driving diversity and inclusion across industry. We’re encouraging more girls and women into STEM careers, and engaging with schools on disability sponsorships and support for neurodiversity, widening the talent pool while creating opportunities.

32% of software developers in Ireland are women (+2% above EU average)
Government pioneering remote working legislation to enable flexible workforce

Ongoing talent development

Ireland’s holistic education and training ecosystem delivers the training and skills that enterprises need into the future. Our unique model supports lifelong learning through subsidised or free reskilling and upskilling programmes from national training agencies.

Specialist training in digital technologies, life sciences and manufacturing.
Partnerships with 57 industry bodies for agile responses to industry training needs

Success Story

Its strong pool of skilled and diverse talent, booming digital and technology sector, and rich heritage of arts and culture, make it such an attractive base for a platform that prides itself on being an inclusive home for creative expression

Vanessa Pappas
Chief Operating Officer, TikTok
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Qualtrics announcing further job expansions.
Success Story

Ultimately, what you want is a geography where you can build an office that has broad market coverage. For a company going into Europe, Ireland has the lowest cost to set up a business, with a broad pool of talent from across the EU

Jared Smith
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Stryker grand opening in Cork in 2017.
Success Story

Innovation, game changing technology and the opportunity to positively impact peoples’ lives are some of the reasons people love working with Stryker in Ireland

Aidan O'Shea
Vice President of Stryker’s Ireland and UK locations
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Zendesk celebrating their jobs expansion with IDA Ireland.
Success Story

Ireland has really become a place where a lot of Europeans want to work and we've been very lucky in attracting great talent from all over Europe that are now working in Dublin

Mikkel Svane
CEO, Zendesk
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