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Connections that matter

To make the most of your visit, we also connect you to professional service providers, education institutes, recruiters, chambers of commerce and industry associations whose knowledge and experience can smooth your way to a rapid scale-up in Ireland.

Meet tax and legal advisers, marketing and PR firms, recruiters and real estate agents
Visit universities and institutes of technology, national research and innovation centres

Employment permits and visas

When you need to source senior management, technical or research staff from outside the EU, they may need employment permits and visas. We work closely with the relevant Irish authorities and can advise you about the immigration process.

Provide IDA support letters where appropriate
We liaise with the relevant Government Departments to help with visa and employment permit queries

Employment Permits & Permissions

Employment Permits & Permissions

Visas & Other Permissions

Visas & Other Permissions

Hosted site visits

Experience Ireland first-hand through managed visits, virtual or in-person, tailored to your specific needs and industry sector. We’ve thought of everything, from showcasing work and life in Ireland, to engaging with peer companies and professional service providers.

Prearranged meetings with investors and companies already based in Ireland
Choose from a short ‘first impression’ visit or longer stay visiting multiple locations

Information and advice

To make the right investment decision, you need facts and information to build a true picture of your ideal location. Our data resources, together with advice born of experience, can help you validate your plans.

A source for statistics: demographics, skills availability, sectoral trends, and more
Detailed assessments of business conditions, technology advances, market information

Introductions that count

Hear about investing in Ireland from the source: as part of our hosted site visits, we organise peer-to-peer meetings with other multinationals already successfully delivering business globally from their Irish base.

Listen, learn, question and find answers about setting up in Ireland
Discover more about infrastructure, the right location, recruiting and more